Special Session

Biomedical Applications of Industrial Electronics

  • Biomedical Applications of Industrial Electronics

    Biomedical applications of industrial electronics have a major social and economic impact in our society, and contributes by improving and assisting individuals in a daily basis. Industrial electronics cover a wide spectrum of biomedical applications including diagnosis and treatment systems, prosthesis and implants, robotic and automated systems, and biological signal modeling and analysis. All these disciplines contribute to either prevent diseases, improve diagnosis and treatment using available techniques. To achieve these goals, significant technical challenges must be addressed following a multi disciplinary approach. Topics of the Session ,Diagnosis systems: X-ray, magnetic resonance, and others. ,Electric and magnetic stimulators. ,Prosthesis and implants. ,Power converters and control for biomedical applications. ,Automation and robotic systems for biomedical applications. ,Electrical modeling of biological systems and tissues. ,Electronic analysis and processing of biological data. ,Industrial electronics for innovative therapies and techniques:magnetic hyperthermia, electroporation, and others.