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Challenges and Development in Web Intelligence and Genetic Programming

  • Challenges and Development in Web Intelligence and Genetic Programming

    Web Intelligence (WI) endeavors Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge Information Technology (IT) on the Web and Internet. Web intelligence is a mixture of digital analytics, which studies how the visitors of websites view and cooperate with a site’s pages and structures, and business intelligence, which permits a corporation’s management to use data on customer procuring patterns, demographics, and request tendencies to make actual tactical decisions. With Web Intelligence, one can request databases using average business terms, and using an easy-to-use interface and create simple or complex reports and share the information with other colleagues. Genetic Programming (GP) is a form of Evolutionary Algorithm (EA), a subcategory of machine learning. EAs are used to discover solutions of those problems which humans do not know how to solve, directly. Unrestricted of human prejudices or biases, the adaptive nature of EAs can produce solutions that are comparable to, and often better than the best human efforts. Motivated by genetic evolution and its principal appliances, GP application contrivances a procedure that uses random mutation, crossover, a fitness function, and manifold generations of evolution to resolve a user-defined task. GP is applied to Computer Industries through code synthesis, genetic upgrading, involuntary bug-fixing, and in emerging game-playing strategies, and more. Genetic programming solved the problem of fixed length solutions by creating non-linear entities with different sizes and shapes.