Special Session

Security in Computing Systems

  • Security in Computing Systems

    Special Session on Security in Computing Systems Information security plays an important role in today’s world, whether it is system security, network security, security of application or device security. Due to the requirements of sophisticated tools to keep system secure and sound, there is a big need in India and globe for professionals who are well educated about the various aspects of information security. The goal of the Special Session on Security in Computing Systems is to bring together the researchers and experts from academia and industry as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of Information Security. The target is to focus on the latest trends, techniques and applications areas requiring security. As the world goes seamless today, everything has become easily available and hence, more vulnerable. This has also extended the domains of protection from merely data and information to those of devices, networks, media, and largely to the web based products and applications. On this platform, we intend to bring together all these perspectives of modern day security. The Scope of the session will be limited to all the papers who fall under the context given above.