Special Session

Recent Innovative Trends in Big Data Analytics

  • Recent Innovative Trends in Big Data Analytics

    Gujarat, India

    In the world of today, modern information systems are able to collect very large data with inherent and increasing complex structure and dimensionality. Furthermore, new data sources often provide various heterogeneous representations and also time changing characteristics with respect to the data. Technology is advancing overtime and sizes of data sets generated are considered big and complex. The current database management tools and methods used to process data are inadequate; this paves way for big data analytics evolution and innovation. There is a growing need to develop big data tools and techniques to build capabilities to solve problems better than ever before. In current practices a number of industries are readily leveraging big data to their benefit. Big data research has empowered the success of many applications in urban computing, social science, e-commerce, computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, bioinformatics, education, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.