Special Session

Advances in Social Media & Networking

  • Advances in Social Media & Networking

    Delhi, India

    Significance of social media is driving its wide acceptance and accessibility over public and private networks. The dynamic platform offered by social networks allow live thoughts to propagate in an interactive manner through socially networked users. With extensive outreach, social media becomes most widely accessed through mobile-handheld devices. This further assists people from even official domains to share information and receive public response. With such colossal responsiveness, social media calls for heavy-scale analytics & networking paradigms to scrutinize the public opinion and thereafter strategize policies. Therefore, huge inclination towards these online social networks could be found ranging from friendship domains to professional corridors. The special session on “Advances in Social Media & Networking” would encompass through all possible advancements, including, but not limited to analytics, storage, distribution and management of socially interacting profiles, which may include individuals, firms, organizations, political parties and news media.