Special Session

Innovations in Computer Science,Communication and Information Technology

  • Innovations in Computer Science,Communication and Information Technology

    Haryana, India

    Recent Innovation of ICT and Digital Technologies provides an effective medium for students, researcher and teaching professionals to reach out to the users as never before. This session is aimed to provide a platform to share their research work and findings, and to explore opportunities for collaboration and feedback under broader conference themes associated with the Innovations in Computer Science, Communication and Information Technology. It also provide a forum for high quality reports on state-of-the-art theory, technology and applications of “Innovation in Computing, Communication and Information Technology” as used in measurement, automation, scientific research, industry, academia and in other businesses. Rapid developments in these areas have resulted in more intelligent and accurate methods in manufacturing, telecommunication, automation, robotics, environment science, medical monitoring systems and laboratory equipments also. The initiative provides a focused and highly interactive forum where both researchers and technologists have the opportunity to present and discuss leading research topics, developments and future directions in this area. This session will also help scientist and researchers from different counties in networking/collaborating for better outcomes and knowledge sharing etc. The areas covered under this topic are: • IoT Technology • Mobile Computing • Cloud Computing • Green Computing • Ubiquitous Computing • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks • Wireless Sensor Networks • VANETs • Image Processing • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning • Robotics • Big Data Analytics • Web-Based Learning: Innovation and Challenges • e-governance, e-Commerce, e-business, e-Learning • Virtualisation • Secure data management within and across data centers • Architecture and Networking • Data Centers and Cyber Infrastructure