Special Session

Fractional Calculus & Its Engineering Applications

  • Fractional Calculus & Its Engineering Applications

    Madhya Pradesh, India

    Fractional calculus becomes very popular among the researchers in recent years. It is about the differentiation and integration of non-integer orders. Integer order models and theory are useful for manmade systems and it is simple for our own convenience. Nature runs in real order and is dynamic also. Fractional calculus are quite popular in field of image processing, Signal processing, Bio-medial, Filter design, Control System, Robotics etc. We believe, fractional calculus from engineering point of view is beneficial and important. In recent times, several special issues were published in some leading journals which showcase the active influence of fractional calculus to engineering applications. Clearly, there is a strong need to have a special session in an emerging leading trend of different applications of fractional calculus. The aim of this special session is to show the usefulness of the fractional order tools to different engineering application to research community. It is our sincere hope that this special session will become a milestone of a significant trend in the future development of classical and modern engineering applications.